We are extremely fortunate to have an exceptional team of teaching and ancillary staff who work tireless to ensure that our students integrate into our school community and that they participate to their full potential in school life. We strive to help each of our students to learn and develop life skills, such as decision making, problem solving, communication, critical thinking, team work and independent learning. Students, parents and staff are all valued members of our school community. We work together nurturing our young people, promoting our school as a centre of learning and excellence, while establishing a safe place where each individual is encouraged to grow in knowledge and appreciation of their own gifts, talents and traditions.

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13th Feb 2020 12:04 pm
TY & 1st Year Show - Thursday 2nd April 2020.........
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10th Feb 2020 4:51 pm
Well done to our 1st & 2nd year girls basketball teams today, who….........
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7th Feb 2020 8:46 pm
The 2nd year Paris tour are on the home stretch after a hectic day of….........
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6th Feb 2020 7:51 pm
It was a beautiful day to be in Disneyland. Blue skies and sunshine was….........
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About Us

Our school community has undergone great change over the past few years. That experience has reminded us how difficult change can be and has given us a renewed appreciation for challenges and changes our students face at different stages of their lives, in particular throughout their teenage years. We seek to work with students, parents and the wider community to ensure that our students’ educational experience here at Presentation Milltown is as positive, challenging and enjoyable as possible. As a Catholic school all that we do takes place within an ethos reflective of the teachings of Christ. Our daily work is inspired by the founding intentions of Venerable Nano Nagle and Blessed Edmund Rice. Through the core values of our trustee body CEIST we seek to promote spiritual and human development, show respect for every person, be just and responsible, to create an inclusive community based on gospel values and to achieve quality in learning and teaching.


All Event

Wed 3rd Jun
Leaving Cert & Junior Cert State Exams commence
3rd Jun 2020 - 3rd Jun 2020
Fri 22nd May
Summer Exams
22nd May 2020 - 29th May 2020
Tue 19th May
6th Yr Graduation Mass
19th May 2020 - 19th May 2020
Mon 4th May
4th May 2020 - 4th May 2020
Mon 6th Apr
6th Apr 2020 - 17th Apr 2020
Tue 17th Mar
17th Mar 2020 - 17th Mar 2020
Thu 27th Feb
JCT Staff Training Day (School closed for students)
27th Feb 2020 - 27th Feb 2020
Mon 17th Feb
17th Feb 2020 - 21st Feb 2020
Mon 3rd Feb
3rd Yr & 6th Yr Pre Exams
3rd Feb 2020 - 14th Feb 2020
Mon 3rd Feb
5th Yr Work Experience
3rd Feb 2020 - 7th Feb 2020
Mon 3rd Feb
2nd Yr School tour (Exact dates to be confirmed)
3rd Feb 2020 - 7th Feb 2020
Thu 30th Jan
1st Yr Parent Teacher Meeting (4.15 - 6.45pm)
30th Jan 2020 - 30th Jan 2020
Thu 23rd Jan
5th Yr & TY Parent Teacher Meeting (4.15 - 6.45pm)
23rd Jan 2020 - 23rd Jan 2020
Thu 16th Jan
2nd Yr Parent Teacher Meeting (4.15 - 6.45pm)
16th Jan 2020 - 16th Jan 2020
Mon 23rd Dec
23rd Dec 2019 - 3rd Jan 2020
Fri 13th Dec
Christmas Exams (1st, 2nd & 5th Yr)
13th Dec 2019 - 20th Dec 2019
Thu 5th Dec
6th Yr Parent Teacher Meeting (4.15 - 6.45pm)
5th Dec 2019 - 5th Dec 2019
Thu 28th Nov
3rd Yr Parent Teacher Meeting (4.15 - 6.45pm)
28th Nov 2019 - 28th Nov 2019
Thu 21st Nov
Presentation Day (School as normal)
21st Nov 2019 - 21st Nov 2019
Mon 11th Nov
3rd Yr & 6th Yr Pre-Christmas Exams
11th Nov 2019 - 15th Nov 2019
Tue 5th Nov
JCT Staff Training Cluster Day (School closed for students)
5th Nov 2019 - 5th Nov 2019
Mon 28th Oct
28th Oct 2019 - 1st Nov 2019
Thu 24th Oct
Open Evening for incoming 1st Yr Students 5pm-8pm
24th Oct 2019 - 24th Oct 2019
Fri 4th Oct
Junior Certificate results
4th Oct 2019 - 4th Oct 2019
Wed 25th Sep
Staff Training Day - School Closed for students
25th Sep 2019 - 25th Sep 2019
Fri 31st May
1st, 2nd & 5th Yr Summer Exams
31st May 2019 - 31st May 2019
Thu 30th May
1st, 2nd & 5th Yr Summer Exams
30th May 2019 - 30th May 2019
Wed 29th May
1st, 2nd & 5th Yr Summer Exams
29th May 2019 - 29th May 2019
Tue 28th May
1st, 2nd & 5th Yr Summer Exams
28th May 2019 - 28th May 2019
Mon 27th May
1st, 2nd & 5th Yr Summer Exams
27th May 2019 - 27th May 2019
Fri 24th May
1st, 2nd & 5th Yr Summer Exams
24th May 2019 - 24th May 2019
Tue 21st May
6th Year Graduation
21st May 2019 - 21st May 2019
Mon 6th May
Bank Holiday
6th May 2019 - 6th May 2019
Fri 26th Apr
Easter Holidays
26th Apr 2019 - 26th Apr 2019
Thu 25th Apr
Easter Holidays
25th Apr 2019 - 25th Apr 2019
Wed 24th Apr
Easter Holidays
24th Apr 2019 - 24th Apr 2019
Tue 23rd Apr
Easter Holidays
23rd Apr 2019 - 23rd Apr 2019
Mon 22nd Apr
Easter Holidays
22nd Apr 2019 - 22nd Apr 2019
Fri 19th Apr
Easter Holidays
19th Apr 2019 - 19th Apr 2019
Thu 18th Apr
Easter Holidays
18th Apr 2019 - 18th Apr 2019
Wed 17th Apr
Easter Holidayss
17th Apr 2019 - 17th Apr 2019
Tue 16th Apr
Easter Holidays
16th Apr 2019 - 16th Apr 2019
Mon 15th Apr
Easter Holidays
15th Apr 2019 - 15th Apr 2019
Mon 18th Mar
Bank Holiday
18th Mar 2019 - 18th Mar 2019
Fri 22nd Feb
Feb Mid Term Break
22nd Feb 2019 - 22nd Feb 2019
Thu 21st Feb
Feb Mid Term Break
21st Feb 2019 - 21st Feb 2019
Wed 20th Feb
Feb Mid Term Break
20th Feb 2019 - 20th Feb 2019
Tue 12th Feb
Junior Cycle Training Day - School closed for students
12th Feb 2019 - 12th Feb 2019
Tue 29th Jan
1st Yr Parent Teacher Meeting (4.15pm to 6.45pm)
29th Jan 2019 - 29th Jan 2019
Thu 24th Jan
5th Yr and TY Parent Teacher Meeting (4.15pm to 6.45pm)
24th Jan 2019 - 24th Jan 2019
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