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26th Jan 2021 1:01 pm
Reports - 1st, 2nd TY & 5th Years • Term 1 Progress Reports can be accessed via VSware from today (Tuesday). • VSware can be accessed via the school app or at https://presmiltown.vsware.ie • Select your son/daughter's profile • Select ‘Assessment’ • Select ‘Term Reports’ • Select ‘Term 1 Progress Report 2020-21’ from drop down menu • If you wish to print a copy of the report this is best done via a PC, laptop or tablet. (Select “Actions” and “Download Results”. A printable pdf will be downloaded which can be printed in the normal way.) Please email office@presmilltown.ie if you are having any difficulties. In the absence of Parent-Teacher Meetings for 1st, 2nd, TY & 5th Year students, a written Parent-Teacher Feedback Report will also be provided. These will be posted on or before 11th February. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Attendance Rolls During Remote Learning Please be advised that attendance is being recorded at the end of each day for students who log-in to live lessons via TEAMS. Parents can view student attendance via VSware in the normal way. Please be advised that VSware attendance rolls are based on those students who log-in to the lesson. In a small number of cases teacher have identified that students have logged-in and have then been away from their computer for a substantial part of the lesson. This is one of the reasons that students should have their cameras on for each lesson. Your son/daughter’s attendance roll on VSware may indicate that they have logged-in to the lesson but if their camera is not on the teacher cannot verify with certainty that the student was actually present at the computer for the entire lesson. Remote learning is challenging for all involved and we thank you as parents for your hugely supportive roll over the past few weeks. We ask you to continue to encourage your son/daughter to participate fully in remote learning, in particular in live lessons. A key part of this is having their camera on in order for them to fully engage in the lesson and maximise the learning experience. If your son/daughter has an issue with their device camera on any given day please email office@presmilltown.ie and we will notify the relevant teachers. Please do not hesitate to make contact through the office email if we can help your son/daughter in relation to their remote learning.
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